Nils Härtel Photography: Blog en-us (C) Nils Härtel Photography (Nils Härtel Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:06:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:06:00 GMT Nils Härtel Photography: Blog 120 55 April 2017 - Show and Tell Fife Coast at Firth of ForthFife Coast at Firth of Forth So now I sat down once more to talk about my drive in Photography. I always liked the fact that you capture a moment in time and as long as I like the image it is a result. Sure you can improve and there is no reason not to learn and try out new things... that is actually great as I never get board with new techniques, people to work with or also play with new gear.... It's at times frustrating, but most of the time creates pleasure.

Over the years I spoke to other like minded and asked questions and also answered questions it is the exchange of knowledge what drives us all forward and lets us experience new things or just lets us see old things in a new light.

Recently I did walk with David, who has taken plenty pictures before, but now did the plunge and got a newer more advance Camera. He struggled as his results did not portray, what he expected in comparison to what he achieved with his old Camera.

Why is that? It's a better Camera and he knows how to take a Photo. I have seen some of them from before.

The answer lies in the new" Camera. It gives more opportunities to capture something one sees, but and this is a big BUT, only when you understand what the Camera is doing and how things are hanging together.

It is like a Team, where the one who takes the photo has to try, learn and listen. And there comes in the communication bit. If David would not have walked with me and listened, he may had given up on the new, more advanced Camera and went back to the old he knew how to handle. In the short run he would have been happier with his results, but would it have given the new opportunities?

More importantly he listened and then tried out a few things we spoke about, which is a phenomenal result. So well done for taking the plunge and start communicating with the me and the camera.


Enjoy the road which seems never to end...

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March 2017 - Light Painting Just to start with a Fact I can't deny...

" I am just a Beginner " on the road with no end.


Light painting is the form of using all sorts of light sources to create long exposure images, which tend to add unexpected results to an image.

The way how the light has been applied in the image is generally hidden as the creation, over Time will not be visible in the one final image.


I recently went out with a Group of interested and accomplished Camera users, but with the thirst to try something new.

We used an abandoned Railway Tunnel to give us shelter from the rain and provide us with the dark to create light pictures.

We started off with explaining what we can do, from very easy to more complex scenarios. All were keen to press their shutter and seek info on the "perfect" setting. Plenty trial and error as this it to be expected and even with lots of practice results are often very surprising

The Group was 18 strong and we managed to get volunteers also to participate in the creation as well as come up with own ideas, rather than just the recording/photographing of the action.

The group dynamic created a happy and creative environment. it opened up the eyes of some to a different world behind and in front of a Camera.


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January 2015 - Reverse January 2015 - work in reverse

I answered a casting call for a Photographer to work on an Idea I also had, but did not realised it yet. It was great to see others have similar ideas at times and its even better if they find each other to realise them.

Usually when photographing a subject you decide on the pose, costume, Makeup and such like.

Then you introduce the light to set the subject up in the best way.

But what happens if you have the light and shadows first and then add the Model?

It was a strange experience to work in reverse and do exactly that use a Slide projected onto a Backdrop and add the model and find a way to complement the two components, by altering the Models poses and outfits... Certainly a nice experiment and to get explored further.

Watch the space...

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December 2014 - challenges They say never work with animals or children. Well I would agree if you want to sail easy and don't like surprises.

 If you are comfortable with what you do and how you do things. But is that not at best monotonous, if not blunt boring?

I do like to produce good images, but how good is an image if it is only a repetition of the same? I do like to challenge what I do, as I am a strong believer in

"Getting better by try and fail, till you master the task".

 I like to see an idea developing and then work out how to realize and transform  it into the real thing.

So therefore show me the unpredictable's and creative's and let's explore, try and see where the journey takes us. It may not be where I expect to get to but it certainly will not be dull and boring.

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November 2014 - Sun and Mortar Through my work I have been giving the opportunity to spend some time in Barcelona. Spare time was not as generous as I hoped for, but I still managed to capture some of the finest Architecture created in this World. Antoni Gaudi  (1852-1926) a Spanish Catalan architect worked mainly in Barcelona  and created some of the quirkiest buildings you will ever see. Straight lines are almost nonexistent, but the flow of walls , glass and steel is just breath taking.  Almost water like.

Architectural Photography has very different challenges to Portraiture. Alone the scale requires a different approach. Light is almost impossible to direct other than to wait for the right moment. Distance and viewing angles, all having giving a far more restricted window of opportunity. Also Buildings are readily available and anybody can take an image of a Building. Finding your own view becomes more challenging. Never the less it is a good way of trying something different and varying the approach to a subject.

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October 2014 - Studio/Location Shoot in Glasgow With the weather turning towards the colder time of the year the days for outdoor shoots are more of a hit and miss and I decided to do a shoot in the warmth of a Studio for a change. Steel Studio was picked and after sending a out a Casting call out, the small team was completed by Karen (Model) and Stephanie (Makeup).

We met up at my place and I drove us through to the Studio. For me a good way to talk to the Team, especially when I work with new faces. It breaks the ice and gives all a chance to form a Team before getting into the Studio or to Location for the shoot.

Once we decided on the order of dress and Makeup for the shoot Karen and Stephanie went on with the Makeup and I set up the lights.

We had two sets of Clothing and Makeup and the time flew bye.

Once we had spend the time we went to get all back into the car but decided to venture out and continue shooting on one of the near bye Bridges over the Clyde.

The Night was dry but chilly. Still we had a great time and got some unexpected results...

The result of planning, professional approach, good communication and a great proportion of fun


Nice work thanks Girls and also Thanks to Steele Studio for their Hospitality.

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August 2014 - Mermaid In August i noticed a casting call on Facebook. I was straightaway interested - it was the Subject "Mermaid"

A Shoot I knew would create a great bit of interest. I read through the posts and knew that is just what I was thinking of. Great idea and the responses showed I was right. I kept reading and one of the notes caught my attention and made me respond. After a good conversation with a great bunch of people, the Team was chosen and I was part of it.

Location decision and date got sorted and off we went pickups all over the Central Belt and up into the Trossachs. The location was a public and popular spot, the weather was not the best, but nothing a gazebo and willpower can overcome.

Hard work to keep the paparazzi at bay but a great atmosphere and tons of fun well and som images too.

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June 2014 - Fun Mental Clown Another little Project.

We all like the musician Clown  - Grock, the character Clown Pierott or an artistic white faced Clown who makes you hope he does not hurt himself on the trampolin or high rope... They are all great to look at and make the spectator happy in some way.....

.... but what if it is a Clown like Pennywise fron Stephens King's Thriller It, the Joker from Batman or the Poltergeist Clown?

Well the Idea was there and the location had been checked out. After casting we had a little Team essembled to try our luck with the other side of these character type. We came up with some pictures, which can be seen as disturbing if seen in the wrong context - so be warned and make sure the doors and windows are locked....

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June 2014 - World of Wings End of June I went with a group of Photographers to "World of Wings" in Cumbernauld.

The shoot was organised to raise funds for a GPS Tracker for a Rueppell's Griffon Vulture, called Gandalf. Gandalf was previously attacked by wild birds during a flight show and the vulture did what it knew best and went up in the sky and followed the wind but got disorientated and lost.

As the bird only knows the Bird Centre as it's home it could not find its way back and drifted further and further away. After weeks the Staff had already given up on seeing Gandalf again they got a call from the Isle of Islay and managed to get the bird back safely.

The transmitter the bird had was only working for a few miles but the new GPS Tracker works like telephones and hence if this ever happens again Gandalf can get tracked much further.

A very worthy cause. Have a look at the images from the shoot and enjoy. If you like what you see you may like to visit the centre and have a go yourself. Have a look at their site as well "World of Wings"

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June 2014 - Group Shoot Just another Project on a busy weekend was a themed Group Shoot I organised.

As part of the Forth Valley Photographer Network I organised in Partnership with Tim Shaw a Group Photo shoot under the double theme "Steampunk and Goth". A few weeks were filled with posting and communicating, till we had a Team of four Models, two Makup Artists and eight Photographers assembled.  The Location was the starting point for this shoot and with Creative People got us on a exciting preparation with ups and downs.  The site was home of a derelict shell of a former Stately Home and its Stables. It provided us with plenty of space and variety to allow different results. Shooting was not hampered by the not so kind weather, at times experienced in Scotland. It was a great experience to have a greater Team of Creatives working together and allowing each other the freedom to learn and express their style of work.

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June 2014 - Kat and the Butterfly The 1st of my Location Shoots for this Month was at the Butterfly World in Edinburgh with two very talented People, Kat Folan as Model and Samantha Rachel Jack for the Makup. This shoot was a bit different from my usual shoots as the Theme was set by the Model, but bringing in my expertise and contacts gave us the opportunity to shoot at the Butterfly World, where the Staff could not have been more helpful.

The shoot went well and we managed to get some striking images. A special thanks has to be given to the "extras". Some very beautiful Butterflies.


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May 2014 - Steaming up the Canal I was invited to join the British Steam boat Association to photograph their start of the Season Flotilla from the Falkirk wheel to Linlithgow beginning of May.

Having met a few of the participants previously I knew it would be a great day for the Steam boats and for me to shoot something a bit different.

Early in the morning it got a bit hectic but with a great amount of energy and brilliant Staff at Scottish Canals and the Wheel I got permission to get up the Wheel and hence managed to shoot from some rather different angles.

Having been invited on the boats and capturing the fun and enthusiasm of the owners and guests of these remarkable boats on this day long journey was a pleasure and I hope the images give the day justice...

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March 2014 - Dancing Queens The month started slow, but then went into photographic overdrive. Mid March a few young Ladies we after some posing pictures in their Show dresses and I had the opportunity to shoot them from the luxury of our home... So no pressure and time restrictions. Very important when the wee ones have a mind on their own.

This also led to the chance of shooting a life Irish Dance Competition. A genre I have not seen before and it proved to be different in a good sense. The energy of the dancers and audience was fabulous and made it a good but long day behind the Camera.

Having just delivered the pictures to the Families was another buzz and there is more to follow before the Month is over. Watch the space...


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February 2014 - Workshop at EMP Studio, Glasgow After such a successful and exciting Workshop in June 2013 I could not resist to go for more. So in January brainstorming started and in February a creative crowd met up, to create some stunning Images and have a good laugh.


Jasmin RainfordJasmin Rainford

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Novenber 2013 - Expanding the base I started meeting up with the Scottish Creative Network. A group of Models, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Actors, Photographers and more. Meetings are held in Edinburgh, Glasgow and recently Dundee and Inverness.

Also in November I joined the Forth Valley Photographers Network. A loosely connected Group of likeminded for a regular exchange of ideas and outings.

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October 2013 - Back to Nature With the expectation of wonderful autumn colours, I met with a Group of Australian Photographers led by Richard White at Glencoe.

We were set for a few days of Landscape Photography.

The Autumn was seriously washed out, but despite or because of the harsh weather conditions we had a few very constructive and informative Sessions which again produced a different view on Landscape photography and I walked away with a bag of experience and some striking images of one of the beauty spots of Scotland.

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June 2013 - Studio Workshop with John Farrar After a number of Studio sessions I took part in a Studio Workshop with John Farrar. This was to benchmark where I was and to see how other creative's work. The group produced a dynamic, which was well represented in the results and strengthened my knowledge in Studio work, as well as opened new perspectives


Jenny CJenny C




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January 2013 - My first Studio shoots I was a bit tired with what I was doing and looked for a new challenge. So I decided to go into a Studio and experiment with Light and Models to see where it takes me. I have not done such photography before and soon learned some major differences to location shoots.

Since then I have been several times in Studios, created some I hope different images, met some fantastic and creative people and I am happy to have made this step into the unknown new....






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