For me the fascination on Photography has always been the fact that if freezes a moment for however long this image exists.

I started off many years ago, thinking that it does not matter, who took a picture or in which way. Was it a painstakingly long process, which achieved this or was it just a click on the shutter release?
As long as it creates an Emotion or sparks a Memory in time to come...

My view has evolved over the years. I am still Passionate about this "Moment in time" and Emotions

Memories can be created with any kind of image, but and here it comes - to transport this in a way to work not only for you, but also for others to appreciate and see this.

There is nothing better than continued learning listening and repeating over and over again, till you find the look you and others are happy to see. But then again there is so much out there.

My aim is that I manage to combine this one moment, whatever it is for me or another person, with a quality that grabs the attention of the whole audience.

Only speaking for myself, I have to say:

"I am walking on a road that hopefully is full of surprises and revelations and may that road never end..."

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Some find it important to know what Camera and Lenses a Photographer uses.

To feed the desire I use Canon Full Frame as well as Fuji System equipment. I use top end Lenses from Wide Angle to Telephoto as well as Prime. In the event of technical issues or if I require specialised Lenses, I have backup from several Sources including Canon.