Big Bad Wolf Children’s Theatre Company(non-registered)
Over the moon with the photos taken by Nils. So helpful, nothing was a problem. Took time to explain what he was doing to achieve the perfect shots every time. Thank you so much Nils, you are a star.
Andrei Baciu(non-registered)
Fabulous phogragrafer, was a real pleasure to work with him.
We had a fantastic shooting and fabulous pic.....
Organising Committee of Macmillan Charity Golf Day(non-registered)
Nils, a fantastic array of photographs capturing so many different aspects of what was a tremendous day of golf and fund raising involving the members of Falkirk Golf Club. Both the management of the Golf Club and the representatives of the Charity are extremely grateful to have your support and expertise, and the variety of action shots you have captured will be a lasting memory for the many who took part. Many Thanks.
John Bennett(non-registered)

Many thanks for the wonderful prints of the Kelpies on canvas. They were presented to a very high standard and the actual photography depicting what is now one of the iconic landmarks was amazing. I feel privileged to have been able to purchase a view of these sculptures that is not available anywhere else. They have now found a home in Auckland and Christchurch, New Zealand.

John Bennett
Danielle Watson(non-registered)
I have just revived an order from Nils. 2 amazing shots of my son Cameron golfing in St Andrews. The photos were a surprise for my dad, who is absolutely over the moon with them. Nils has managed to capture the passion my son has for golf in these pictures. Very pleased with them and can't wait to see the pictures he takes of my son in the future.
David Finnegan(non-registered)
I'm at the beginner level of photography. After years of taking hill walking photos using a mobile phone camera, I've recently taken the big step to move to a DSLR. It's taken me into the mind boggling world of apertures, ISOs, exposure level, shutter speeds, focal points and depth of field.

I had managed to make my photos worse because I was enabling settings after watching Youtube videos without a decent understanding of what they were doing. A beginner level lesson with Nils has put me back on track. He explained what the settings do and showed the affects using my camera. I picked up more in one lesson with Nils than I did watching all that Youtube stuff. I'm feeling more confident again after getting a bit disheartened. Ok, I could have gone back to using full auto mode but what's the fun in doing that after paying all the money for a decent camera. I'd recommend the lessons to anyone who is at a similar level to me. Thanks Nils.
Paul Thomson(non-registered)
Nils has done fantastic photography for our business Forthview Golf Range, taking pictures of a quality that far exceeded anything we expected. We will be looking to get Nils to do more photos of our recent refurbishments.
Stewart Craig(non-registered)
Nils is a fantastic photographer with a real eye for a magnificent photograph. I have used Nils for both personal and professional pictures and never been anything other than ecstatic with his work.
Andy Wheildon(non-registered)
I am now the proud owner of a print 80cm x 35 cm featuring the Forth Road Bridges and the Forth rail Bridge. The shot was taken in the late evening with clouds illuminated by a setting excellent shot. I have mounted and framed the print (hanging it in the living room) which has now become a pleasant talking point when friends see it for the first time.

Nils has a knack of seeing and capturing the detail and true essence of a scene and conveys a mood that would otherwise be missed. I know for a fact that Nils will visit and revisit a location in search of the right shot under the right conditions. A very accomplished photographer.
Robbie Calder(non-registered)
I had previously seen examples of Nils' work but that had comprised scenic views, still life and portrait work.

Running short of both inspiration and time to get my wife a suitable Christmas gift I commissioned Nils to produce a study on canvas of our two pet dogs.

The dogs are not yet of an age and stage of training where they could be allowed off leash so this placed some restrictions on the options available. Nils showed up on the day with additional long leashes to give the opportunity for the dogs to have a free run and so present better photographic opportunities.

I am delighted with the options he presented in terms of the final images to be used and my wife is well impressed with the finished article.

He was able to turn this around in a remarkably short space of time and to a very high standard of work.

I'd recommend his work to anyone.
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